We offer several pre-configured website design packages in order get your small business or professional portfolio website presence online as quickly and affordably as possible.  

  • Domain Name Registration Service
    We use Site Domain Names (aka Site Domains) to allow our clients to register and manage their own domain names.
  • Website Design and Development
    We offer a variety of website design packages.  
    These are based on the type of web hosting package you will use, because some hosting/server packages are more difficult to design for than others.  Examples follow...
  1. Your Hosting Package at an Approved Host
    We offer completely custom, well branded, search optimized professional website design services on Site Domain Name hosting/server accounts (some setup on the clients part is required to allow us administrator access to the web hosting account), or HD Web Hosting (the actual list of authorized web hosts is longer, should you be interested, ask for a list of our authorized hosting plan partners).  These are full-featured accounts that allow us full control to create, configure, establish and manage a full-featured professional website.  Although there are limits, the running of site applications (web scripts)
     support, databases, ssi includes (with Linux hosting packages) and crons are all available, and we are allowed to use a variety of new best practices in web design using industry standards (HTML5 & CSS3).  These packages are intended for full-fledged professional brands of serious business players whom need the ultimate reach and control.  These packages include an industry standard, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) to allow the client an easy and hassle way to manage the content (text copy, photos and images) without messing up our design. 
  2. Site Design Master Hosting Package
    Our own proprietary shared web hosting offering is on ultra-fast servers based in California that host our own unique brand of Content Management System (CMS).  This package actually gives more bang for the buck as our custom software solution speeds-up the design and development process by allowing us to customize a large library of existing design templates.  A blog, social networking icons, small forums module, galleries, slideshows and a contact form are all included in this package which can be designed and developed within the week scheduled, and implemented upon your approval.  The speed and strength of this design and development platform keeps costs low and allows us to support small business more affordably than ever before.  Even Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools support is provided. 
  3. Google Sites Package offers a great deal on affordable web hosting for Google members, currently at the low, low price of... Free!  We cannot say that this will remain the case, especially for the business platform, but we are glad to support it.  However, Google's design platform is rudimentary at best, and it doesn't support best practices or the most current web standards (HTML5 & external CSS3 pages).  You can save on hosting, but having us design a website around Google's rather antiquainted website editor will cost you more in design because of its proprietary system, and you will miss out on many of the features of having a full web hosting account.  You can make up for some of this by using a blogger site for your blog, but Google doesn't really support a forum environment, so that you can support your customers and give back to your community.  
  4. Custom Packages with Websites Built to Suit, According to Your Requirements 
    The previously noted packages are normal packages, preconfigured for what we feel small businesses and professionals require most.  Each package is defined with a set of features (more on that, later).  But sometimes a job requires more.  Most sites are offering something unique for their visitors to attract repeat use with 'sticky' content and many business owners have great ideas to implement needed tools, but don't have the resources to.  I am your resource, now!  Although I will team-up with a developer, your project is safe in My hands because I understand proper brand management, logo symbolism, design & development, the psychology of color, the art of presentation.  Use Me, I am at your disposal and have a variety of resources for programming.

OK... this Google Sites editor is getting to Me, now.  The UIX is almost non-existant.  It acts more like it is trying to prevent good web page design, not assist it.  Holy crap, a whole page is missing from the menu that should be there and available to the whole damn world. OK, taking a break...