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Domains, Servers & Web Hosting

Resell vital Internet services such as domain registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, SSL security certificates, e-commerce software, merchant accounts and marketing tools. An excellent business opportunity with no inventory! Your customer's support can be handled by us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will operate as your tech support staff, or you can handle support yourself. This allows you to concentrate on marketing and promotion. Just customize your instant web store, set the products and prices, add a domain, and then set about marketing your online storefront.

A W3DN reseller, the Site Domains is a great and affordable domain and web host which offers all kinds of domain name extensions, including a robust selection of premium domain names, and offers extra assistance to those webmasters who are just starting out.  A wide variety of products and services are offered to choose from, making a premium website simple and easy to setup and maintain.  Network monitoring, a dedicated and helpful technically knowledgeable customer support staff and top of the line services win our customers over. 

Domain Hostmaster
Pay less for full service domain services and get more. Domain Hostmaster started and remains an asset in the toolbox of online professionals (such as web designers & developers, site optimizers, internet marketers, article writers, professional bloggers, etc.) because it doesn't compete with the quality services that online professionals provide.  That said, there is a more limited product and services offering here, allowing the pro to get what a pro needs and allow his clients the same deal with less cross-selling. Domain name registrations and transfers are extremely competitively priced with free extras such as spam guarded email accounts, and registration offers full DNS control accounts (you can even create your own name servers). All major domain extensions covered, including .COM, .EU, .DE, .CO.UK, .US, .ASIA, .NET, .INFO, .MOBI, .ME, .TV, .WS, .CO and more. Try out our easy online do-it-yourself Website Tonight website builder with free web hosting included. Our complete Linux or Windows hosting and dedicated server solutions are monitored constantly in one of the nation's largest secure network operations centers. Site tools available include SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant account, site promotion program, marketing tools and more. Inexpensive service backed 24/7 by valuable, dedicated American tech support staff.

Go Daddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, so far.  They are also one of the largest hosting enterprises.  Big.  Popular.  Obviously, these guys are My biggest competitor, though I personally think I have them out-classed.  But of course, I would and do prefer My own domain and hosting businesses better.  

Domainer's Names
A domainer's complete domain name portfolio. Many premium domain names are listed for sale.  Some listed domain names are built on common search phrases (generic keyword phrases), while others are choice brand names.  Some are also available with logos or established websites.

Premium Brand Name
Focusing on premium brand name development services including a premium domain name sales catalog, premium domain name acquisition, logo and branding development, premium website presence design and established website sales. Our speciality is brandable domains. Such names are often short domains, pronounceable and dictionary one word names, and two or three short keyword domains. Proper names also command a premium price. Domain name length needs to be considered and domains should be easily understood when spoken to command a premium.

Parking PPC
Create multiple domain name parking PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising revenue streams. Earn a residual income with domain name parking by displaying PPC (or CPC for Cost-Per-Click) ads on keyword and type-in domain names. Build multiple recurring revenue streams to supplement your income or even replace it. Park domain names with ad partners or park PPC ads on sites to generate revenue. Parking PPC information, techniques, formulas, theories, tips and tricks available on site.

HD Web Hosting
Affordable, professional, business web hosting. Inexpensive, full featured, reliable Linux Apache MySQL PHP web hosting solutions for serious business, e-commerce & high traffic websites. Ultra-fast internet connections. Free setup, domain name and "Site Studio" (easy-to-use, no HTML knowledge required, online website builder) with each account.

You cannot go wrong with a company that has been around from the get-go.  The most reliable Linux hosting on Apache powered, multi-core processor web servers in your choice of secure data centers on three different continents.  And we are growing!  Your biggest decision is what domain you will use.  Go with the best, go with a leader, go with the pros!  Customer service techs are always available. 

Free web hosting reseller accounts available. Sell inexpensive, full featured Linux Apache MySQL PHP web hosting solutions for serious business, e-commerce & high traffic websites. Free domain and Site Studio (online website builder) with each sold account. Sign-up for the free reseller account first and sell yourself quality ultra-fast hosting at wholesale prices. This is a non-inventory, turn-key business opportunity. Setup your store for free (though we do recommend you purchase a domain name), set your prices, and market it to the masses. Do not think there won't be any work involved, but a natural marketer can make a killing. Or supplement or own website's income by offering hosting on the side. Your customers are backed by our staff of customer and tech support professionals 24 hours a day (everyday).

Apache: HTTP Server 2, website hosting, dedicated servers, Server Side Includes (SSI), php, Python, CGI, MySQL, cron, Site Builder and easy install webmaster apps support. Help section with how-to and articles on web design, webmastering, site promotion, online marketing and more. Our customer support staff offers 24/7 phone & online ticket support.
This is the next revolution in domain name parking, online for several years, now, a great platform that allows your domains to quickly and easily come to life with your own original content (including text, logos and images).  Just place one ad of any size anywhere on your page and allow TNT Parking to swap it out for an ad of their own 1/3 of the time.  I put my shared ad on the bottom and use another that won't be swapped out elsewhere on the page that is dedicated to my own brand.  Easy-to-use rich text editor.  It works well and even supports javascript, it just doesn't support example HTML/CSS codes as text, though (to show/explain how a tag can be used, for instance).
If you have a Google account and can understand its convoluted Sites editor and will take the time to muddle through a confused interface with an extremely steep learning curve, Google does provide free web hosting without any ad requirements and they will support your domain name address with a sub domain (such as or  This way you can register your own website through one of the domain registrars listed above, verify your ownership through Google Webmaster Tools, add it to your website's available web addresses in your Site Manager, and then point your subdomain to it.  As Google does not support "naked domains", in registrars such as Site Domains, you can redirect the naked address to the subdomain version (ex: so that you won't lose any traffic.

Blogger also supports subdomains on your domain.  This allows you to have a fully functional Blogger blog using another subdomain of your brand name domain, such as an address of  Although the 2 subdomains would be considered separate sites and you would have to manage them separately, this can actually be a plus because then the blogger and site content are managed separately (o their different Google Sites/Blogger management sites) and the two sites are seen as separate by Google allowing you to use them in tandem to work at promoting or recommending something. 

Webmaster Tools

Font-Journal is My collection of freeware and some shareware fonts.  I do try to collect TrueType PC fonts that are OK for commercial use, but do check each archive's license or EULA documentation.  A converter is available for Macs and there is a growing list of font resources and tools available there.  I also distribute My own freeware fonts there. I often point My clients to this site so that they can give Me an idea of what fonts they like best so that I can develop a nice logo in their choice of style (not necessarily in the same font).  There are currently over 2,500 fonts available online in the catalog currently, and this is a growing resource. 

Standard Logo
Free online logo and heading maker. Add a logo to your startup site until you can get a professional logo done.  This is a super way to test out websites and see if they are useful to people before investing in full design and development.
Convert your logo, image or a photo into your website's "Favicon", an icon that can be associated with your website and used to enhance and assist in your company/site brand. 

Add URL Engine
Add your URL to multiple search engines and directories simultaneously. Increase your sites visibility, traffic and link popularity. Our multiple site submission engine only submits to a network of resource indexes which do not penalize for remote submissions, saving you time in submitting to their searchable web content database. These sites are looking to expand their current database in order to supply their users with more accurate results.
Although originally intended for the old Twitter format, all of the backdrops still work for the new Twitter social blogging network platform, as well. 

Online Reference

A great assist in helping discover those hard to spell dictionary words.  With definitions for correctly spelled dictionary words.

A convenient, easy-to-use reference table of all the HTML character codes.

How to find the server configuration of your host so that you can identify whether or not your web hosting configuration can support a certain script such as a Content Management System (CMS), blog, forums, directory or other applications.

Robots Text File 
The robots.txt file is actually a thing of some controversy.  Google and other search engines encourage its use.  But spammer's web crawler bots which spider the web looking for naked email addresses to spam will always ignore the instructions in this file, altogether.  Certainly, if you want to tell the main search engines what directories to stay out of, you should use a robots.txt file, or an equivalent robots meta tag within each HTML page.  But it is said that the robots.txt file can optimize your website because Google expects it to minimize its use and expenditure of resources spidering useless information on your website.   

Meta Tags & SEO helps you understand the importance of meta tags and their role in assisting search engines and directories offer relevant information to their visitors according to local location, rating and ranking.


Hyperlink Directory
Premium worldwide web directory of real resource and information websites. Direct hyperlinks to real websites which do not spam you with advertising from other sites. Let's face it, if they are passing off your business to someone else, they clearly don't want your business or they are not capable of handling it. The Hyperlink Directory is a premium directory which only accepts paid submissions after human review. This means that the websites listed at Hyperlink Directory have invested in a quality, targetted traffic resource and have been found as a valuable resource by a real human being.


My WordPress blog (which used to be My main blog, but I have been busy with My custom professional websites I designed complete with content management systems, My Blogger based blogs and My Google Sites, as of late).  This one covers topics from art to domaining and branding, to hosting and webmastering, to design and development, to social networking and mobile computing, as well as addressing personal issues and the human condition in general.  You could say that it is very personal.

FontMaster (blog)
Widget Droid (blog)

Webmastering Information, Communities & Announcements:

Nine main forums for webmasters covering 1) internal announcements and messages, 2) an area for general subject discussions of almost any kind, 3) a forum section exclusively dedicated to domain registrations, transfers, branding and professional domaining, 4) a forum for web hosting, servers and the cloud, 5) another forums section covering website design and development, 6) another for webmastering and site administration, 7) a whole nother section covering all aspects of promotion (optimization, press releases, announcements, link propagation, social networks, advertising), 8) site monetization and 9) mobile app design & development.  This site is a community effort.

Webmastering information resources, tips, tricks and assistance.  Webmaster & design forums available online.   

Blare Info
Online presence branding, website design and search engine optimization blog from an industry professional. Addressing promotion in all its forms.  News, announcements, tools, resources, techniques and tips.  Small forums on site.


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