OK, looks like I'll be a joke site for a while, while I am trying to figure out Google Sites.  The way that the Google Sites editor is organized is actually the strangest kind of 'web page editor' I have ever seen.  The UI is neither intuitive nor helpful, by any means.  For the moment, I am just trying to feel My way around it, hoping that I don't embarrass Myself too much.  

Please note, although Google Sites' free website hosting is good, Google Search always takes priority over serving Google Sites on their servers. This means that at peak demand hours, when your site will most likely be accessed the most, serving up your site web pages may take longer. This is important because web visitors have repeatedly demonstrated that they prefer faster sites, and because of this, Google tends to reward faster sites with a better ranking in the search results, so a professional hosting/server solution at Site Domain Names (aka: "Site Domains") or our own proprietary shared web hosting solution, is highly recommended.

Although Google Sites is a quick way to get started, once you are more than a home based freelancer such as I, relying on Google for corporate business will almost certainly not be a free endeavor.  So, if you think your website and/or business may grow by leaps and bounds, you must understand that a Google Sites presence is quite a bit more difficult to manage on their proprietary platform, as well.

Site Design Master™ offers its own fast website hosting platform as well as partners with several other approved web hosts in order to provide our services in the most appealing ways on the largest variety and diversity of hosting platforms available.  However, please note that some hosts are just sub-par and although Google Sites could be considered among them, Google Sites is also currently a free host that doesn't require advertising, which is otherwise unheard of in this industry.

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Please remember that this is an experimental website. At the moment I am writing this, I'm deciding which menu to use, on which pages. As a result of that effort I have both the horizontal menu (displayed above the page just below our site logo) and the vertical sidebar menu (the top left side navigation menu nestled just under the horizontal menu, and pushing the content area to the right) on, so that I can make a varied array of multiple decisions on styling for different pages. Yes, I am developing this site live in My spare-time, now.  Plus I have to address all the Content Area Link & Gadget colors.  

With web designs.... there is always something!  LOL